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TG Load Cells: Make Weighing Easier

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TG Load Cells:
Make Weighing Easier
Force Measurement Sensor Application

Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

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A Load Cell Manufacturer You Can Trust

One of the professional load cell manufacturers who have been focusing on the production of related products for 30 years.

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High Precision/Good Stability/Easy Installation.


High Precision/Good Stability/Easy Installation.


Lower Your Measurement Risk

Types of Electronic Force Transducer

As one of the most professional force transducer manufacturers, we produce all kinds of load cells, tension load cells, pressure sensors, static torque sensors, semiconductor strain gauge, and weighing accessories.

For compression measurement occasions, the force measurement sensor widely used in tanks weighing and various scales.

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Load Cell

For tension measurement occasions, the force transducer widely used in testing machine and hopper scale, hook scale.

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Tension Load Cell

For pressure measurement occasions, widely used in valve, water pressure, and oil pressure measurement.

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Pressure Sensor

For wire rope tension measurement, widely used in hoist and hook equipment.

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Rope Tension Load Cell

For static discontinuous torque measurement, used in valve, torque wrench.

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Static Torque Measurement Sensor

Used to detect the tension of high-voltage transmission lines to avoid damage caused by snow cover.

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Ice Detection Load Cell

The force measurement sensor is used for working process monitoring of oil pumping units.

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Oil Field Load Cell

Mainly used for linear compensation of sensors, or directly used to make load cell.

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Semiconductor Strain Gauge

Load cell amplifier, weighing indicator, wireless transceiver and other load cell accessories.

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Weighing Accessories

Looking for More Accurate Measurements?

Force Measurement Sensor Applications

As one of the force sensor manufacturers, our force transducer is mainly used for force measurement, process monitoring, and production automation in various industries, and it is an important component of building the Internet of things.

Agricultural products and equipment weighing, production automation.
Force value detection of lifting equipment, overload limit.
Vehicle pedal force, hand brake force measurement, force value measurement of large construction vehicles.
Production process monitoring in oil field and power industry.
Industrial force sensor for tanks, belt scales, lifting equipment, automated production.
Industrial Automation
Force value test during equipment test phase or mechanical test of other equipment and materials.
Test & Measurement

Customize Your Force Transducer System

Force Measurement Sensor Custom & OEM Center

Professional production R&D equipment and design department, independent mechanical processing and electronic workshop, have provided customized products for thousands of customers.

Premium Quality

Products have passed ISO9001 and CE certification and can be third-party appraisal at any time.

Advanced Equipments

Our company has more than 100 sets of professional production and processing, calibration inspection and research and development equipments, and the standards of each production are controllable.

Professional R&D Team

Technical R&D department with more than 20 people, including mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, process and product inspection personnel.

Rich Customization Experience

As a force transducer manufacturer, our company has provided tens of thousands of customized products to more than 1,000 customers in 30 years, and has a full understanding of the application of load cells in various industries.

Attentive Service

24/7 free product relating consult, One-year product quality guarantee, pre-sales engineers provide you with a more suitable weighing solution.

Customer Trust

Established long-term cooperative relations with many large domestic and foreign companies, listed companies, schools and research institutes.





Your Industrial Weighing Systems and Force Sensors Innovator

Anhui Tianguang Sensor Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991, covers an area of 22,000 square meters, registered capital of 16 million. Main research and development, production, and sales: weighing sensor, torque sensor, tension sensor, and supporting measurement and control instruments and other products. As one of the force sensor manufacturers, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality and services is the mission of every Tianguang people. We look forward to growing together with domestic and foreign customers.


TianGuang sensor focused on load cell production for over 30 years.


There are over 200 employees in TianGuang sensor, more than half of the employees have worked here for more than 5 years.


More than 5000 domestic and foreign users choose the products of TianGuang sensor.


Our factories cover an area of about 22000 square meters.

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