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TG Load Cells: Make Weighing Easier

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TG Load Cells:
Make Weighing Easier
Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

Column Type Load Cell

The TJH-3 series load cells are column type compression load cells. This column type load cell is characterized by a wide range. We have currently produced a custom column sensor of 2000T. Suitable for large tonnage tanks, storage tanks, truck scales, etc. The column load cell can be equipped with optional modules or self-display function (2-100kN).

Compression load cells are used to determine compression forces in a wide range of applications and are suitable for static and dynamic measurement tasks. The column type compression load cells of the TJH-3 series are manufactured from alloy steel and enable the measurement of high static pressure loads up to 5,000 kN. Our load cell company can also customize according to the size of stainless steel or customer requirements.

Types of Column Type Compression Load Cell

TJH-3A Column Type Load Cell

TJH-3A Column Type Load Cell

Rated Load: 2~100 kN
Precision: 0.05% FS
TJH-3 Column Type Load Cell

TJH-3 Column Type Load Cell

Rated Load: 150~3000 kN
Precision: 0.05~0.1% FS
TJH-3X Column Type Load Cell

TJH-3X Column Type Load Cell

Rated Load: 2~100 kN
Precision: 0.05% FS

Column Type Load Cell Features

Column type load cells, also known as compression load cells, are devices designed to measure compressive forces or loads. They are commonly used in various industrial applications for precise force measurements. Here are key features of column type load cells:

Compression Sensing:

Column type load cells are specifically designed to measure compressive forces or loads. They are ideal for applications where forces act in a downward or axial direction.

Compact Design:

These column load cells have a compact and space-efficient design, making them suitable for installations with limited space.

Cylindrical Shape:

The load cell typically has a cylindrical or columnar shape, which allows for effective force measurement in a vertical direction.

High Precision:

Column type load cells are known for their high precision in measuring compressive forces. This precision is crucial in applications where accurate force readings are required.


These cylindrical load cells are often constructed from durable materials, such as stainless steel or alloy steel, ensuring resistance to environmental factors and providing long-term reliability.

Stability and Accuracy:

Column load cells offer stability and accuracy in force measurements. They are designed to provide consistent readings over time, even in challenging conditions.

Column Type Compression Cylindrical Load Cells: An Ideal Solution for High-Tonnage Weighing Applications

Weighing technology plays a vital role in numerous industries, from transportation and logistics to manufacturing and construction. In specific applications where heavy loads need to be precisely measured, column load cells have become the go-to solution. TG Column Type Load Cells is a China-based leading manufacturer of column load cells - TJH-3 series load cells. With a wide range and exceptional capabilities, these column load cells offer reliable and accurate measurements in various high-tonnage weighing applications.

TG Load Cells has developed the TJH-3 series compressive load cells, which are specifically designed as column type load cells. These cylinder load cells are characterized by their ability to handle large tonnage measurements, with the company having successfully produced a custom column sensor capable of handling up to 2000 tons. This groundbreaking feat showcases the company's expertise and commitment to pushing boundaries in load cell technology.

Column type compression load cells for large tonnage tanks

Such as those used in oil and gas, chemical, or water treatment industries. These tanks often need to be accurately monitored and measured to ensure safe operation and optimal usage. Column load cells provide the ideal solution for weighing large quantities of substances stored in these tanks, offering precise measurements and real-time monitoring capabilities.

Column type compression load cells for storage tanks

Whether it's a grain silo, a fuel storage tank, or a liquid storage container, accurately measuring the weight of the contents is crucial for inventory management and operational efficiency. Column load cells, with their wide range and high capacity, allow for accurate and reliable weighing of large volumes of stored materials, leading to better control and management of inventory levels.

Column type compression load cells for truck scales

For industries involved in transportation and logistics, accurately weighing trucks is essential for regulatory compliance and load distribution optimization. Cylinder load cells, with their robust design and high tonnage capabilities, can withstand the weight of heavy commercial vehicles and provide precise weight measurements. This enables trucking companies, freight forwarders, and logistics providers to accurately calculate charges, ensure proper load distribution, and maintain compliance with legal weight limits.

The use of column type canister type load cells in various applications not only offers accurate and reliable weight measurements but also contributes to improved safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By implementing column load cells, companies can optimize their weighing processes, reduce inaccuracies, and minimize the risk of overloading equipment or vehicles.

TG Load Cells' TJH-3 series column type compression load cells can be equipped with optional modules or self-display functions, further enhancing their versatility and capabilities. These optional modules can provide added features like temperature compensation, digital output, or wireless connectivity, allowing for seamless integration into advanced weighing systems and data management networks. Self-display functions make it convenient to read and monitor weight measurements directly on the cylindrical load cell, eliminating the need for additional display devices.

Column Load Cell Working Principle

Column load cells function based on the fundamental principle of strain gauges responding to force-induced deformation. Comprising a columnar structure, these compressive load cells incorporate strain gauges arranged in a Wheatstone bridge circuit. When subjected to axial forces, the column deforms, causing strain in the gauges and altering their resistance. The resulting electrical signal, reflecting this resistance change, undergoes conditioning and amplification to ensure accuracy. Calibration, involving known force applications, establishes a relationship between force and electrical output. Widely used in compression scenarios, cylinder load cells excel in accurately measuring and monitoring forces. Their reliability and precision make them essential in applications like material testing, weighing systems, and industrial processes where precise force data is critical for optimal performance and safety.

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