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TG Load Cells: Make Weighing Easier

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TG Load Cells:
Make Weighing Easier
Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

Tension Sensor Load Cell

The tension type load cell is a common force measuring element, usually with threads at both ends, which is convenient for installation and has high accuracy. Hanging installation is mostly used, which is suitable for a variety of scales and lifting equipment. The tension force sensors produced by Tianguang load cell company have a complete range and are well-stocked. Each sensor has been tested for fatigue and tensile strength before leaving the factory to ensure safe use. In addition, tension sensors of various sizes and ranges can be customized to fully meet your weighing requirements.

Types of Tension Sensor Load Cell

S Type Load Cell

The TJL-1 series load cells are S-type tension load cells. This sensor adopts a classic S-type structure with high accuracy; The two ends are threaded, which is convenient for installation.

Column Type Tension Load Cell

Column type tension load cell is a common type of tension load cell. Our company has two types of column type tension load cells, internal thread and external thread.

Stainless Steel Load Cell

These two tension load cells are made of stainless steel, with beautiful appearance and not easy to rust. Suitable for precision occasions such as laboratories.

Tension Compression Load Cell

These two sensors are small in size and high in accuracy. They can load and measure force in both directions. They are suitable for batching scales, hopper scales, hook scales and medical equipment.

Plate Ring Tension Load Cell

High precision, strong anti-overload ability, sealing and moisture-proof. Widely used in various hook scales, ports, wharfs, crane overload protection equipment, etc. It can be used with built-in wireless transceiver.

Membrane Box Tension Load Cell

Small size and easy to install. Suitable for medical equipment, batching scales, etc.

Handbrake Force Sensor

Easy to install, strong anti-eccentric load capacity, good sealing. Suitable for braking force detection of vehicles.
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What is Fatigue Failure of Load Cells?

As we all know that metals will fail in a statically loaded situation if the yield strength is exceeded. The load cell is a pressure component during use, so we usually set a limit overload value, and the actual load value of the sensor during use is less than this set value.

However, in actual use, metals, including load cells, will fail due to repeated stresses, even if these load values do not exceed the limit overload value. We usually call this condition the fatigue failure of the sensor.

Fatigue failure is one of the important factors that affect the service life of the sensor. For load cells, especially tensile sensors like crane load sensor, the safe use of the sensor is very important, which is related to the safety of users in the actual production process.

What is Fatigue Failure of Load Cells?

Load Cell Tensile Test

Load Cell Tensile TestTension load cells are designed to measure tensile or "pull" loads. Tensile testing machines use load cells to measure the uniaxial force applied to a tensile sample to determine the suitability of a component, part or product for its intended use. Testing involves monitoring the response of a test sample when subjected to static or dynamic forces and is one of the common types of mechanical testing.

By measuring a material while it is being stretched, a complete picture of its tensile properties can be obtained. When plotted on a graph, this data produces a stress/strain curve that shows the material's response to an applied force. The point of fracture or failure is usually the primary objective of the test, but other important properties that can be measured include elasticity, yield strength, and the effect of strain on the sample.

Tianguang Sensors offers a number of load cells for tensile testing machines, in addition to load cells we can also provide instrumentation and measurement software to provide a complete load measurement solution.

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