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TG Load Cells:
Make Weighing Easier
Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

Ice Detection Load Cell

This product has good weather resistance, sealing property, and stable performance. Mainly provided to the high-voltage output substation project of the State Grid for monitoring and measuring the tension in the online monitoring system of transmission and transformation line icing, and can be installed with an analog transmitter or digital module according to customer's requirements.

Types of Ice Detection Load Cell

TJL-12 Ice Detection Load Cell

Rated Load: 40~1100 kN;
Comprehensive Precision: 0.2~0.5% FS
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The Birth of ICE Detection Load Cell

Birth background: In the winter of 2008, southern China suffered a rare ice and snow climate disaster, causing huge economic losses. One of the more obvious ones is the damage caused to the high-voltage transmission line. While the line is damaged, it also causes great inconvenience to the power supply in the surrounding area and affects the normal life of residents. For this reason, the construction of an ice coating monitoring system led by the State Grid has also been put on the agenda.

Product introduction: An important component of the icing monitoring system is the Ice detection load cell. This load cell is made of stainless steel and has good weather resistance. After high and low temperature compensation tests, it can work normally in severe cold weather. The Ice detection load cell is usually suspended and installed on the high-voltage transmission line tower. Our load cell is made in accordance with the appearance of the national standard connector. It can be directly replaced and installed, which is very convenient. The cable tension is collected in real time through the load cell, and when the tension exceeds the warning value, staff will be dispatched to clean the ice and snow on the line in time to avoid the cable being broken and damaged.

Product prospects: At present, transmission lines in some areas of our country have installed Ice detection load cells, and thousands of load cells are still needed to be installed on the remaining transmission towers and substations every year. At the same time, North America, Europe, East Asia and other regions often encounter ice and snow invasion, and the replacement of Ice detection load cells can effectively avoid losses. From this point of view, Ice detection load cells have broad market prospects.

The Birth of ICE Detection Load Cell
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