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TG Load Cells: Make Weighing Easier

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TG Load Cells:
Make Weighing Easier
Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

Industrial Load Cell

Tianguang Sensor Co., Ltd. focuses on producing and developing force sensors and provides customers with weighing solutions and weighing accessories. There are mainly three types of force transducers produced by TG: semiconductor strain gauges, load cells (including load cells, tension load cells, pressure sensors, rope tension load cell static torque sensors, etc.), and weighing transmitters & indicators.

Load Sensor Types and Load Cells in TGLOADCELLS

Load Cell

Load cells are used for weighing or testing compression. They adopt the principle of resistance strain type, with high precision and good stability. The load cells' size and appearance have been changed to suit different types of equipment.

Tension Load Cell

Tension load cell is a kind of load cell, usually S-shaped structure, which has the characteristics of high accuracy and easy installation. Part of the Tension load cell can also be used to test pressure force.

Pressure Sensor

The pressure sensor produced by Tianguang Sensor is divided into two types in principle, the diffused silicon type, and the resistance strain type. These two pressure sensors have both cavity and non-cavity structures.

Rope Tension Load Cell

The wire rope tension load cell is a sensor specially designed for measuring wire rope tension. Through certain calculations, the weight of the object lifted by the rope can be obtained.

Static Torque Measurement Sensor

The static torque measurement sensor is used to measure the torque value of discontinuous rotation. It is mostly used in valves, torque wrenches, and some laboratories.

Ice Detection Load Cell

The ice detection load cells are specially developed for the power industry. They are used to measure the tension value of high-voltage transmission cables. In winter, the cable will increase the tension due to ice/snow. The ice detection load cells can effectively avoid the line The cable is broken.

Oil Field Load Cell

The oil field load cells are used to detect the working state of the oil field pumping unit. The load cells judge whether the pumping unit is working normally according to the force value feedback, and have good waterproof and replaceability.

Semiconductor Strain Gauge

The semiconductor-type strain gauges are sensitive elements made of the piezoresistive effect of semiconductor single-crystal silicon. From the structure, the gauge factor of semiconductor strain gauges can be divided into two kinds with a base and without a base. 

Weighing Accessories

Weighing accessories are usually used with load cells, mainly load cell amplifiers,weighing indicators, digital modules, wireless transceivers and weighing software.

Customization Capability For Weighing Indicator System

Why Choose TG Sensor to Customize Your Load Cell?
Customization Capability For Weighing Indicator System

We have a professional technical team, including mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, quality inspectors, calibrators, etc.

500t Machine

We have our own load cell factory and advanced equipment, including machining centers. CNC, NC Surface Grinding Machine, 500t calibration machine, etc.

30 Years

We have focused on load cells for 30 years, and have provided tens of thousands of customized products including OEM pressure sensor for weight measurement for more than 1,000 customers, and have accumulated rich experience in various weighing applications.

1000 Customers

24/7 free product relating consult, one-year product quality guarantee, pre-sales engineers provide you with a more suitable weighing solution.

24/7 Free Consult

Strict Quality Control-Lower Your Measurement Risk

Force Transducer Manufacturer
Force Transducer Manufacturer

Our mission is to provide high-quality products with a tremendous amount of craftsmanship. We adopt 5S management methods to clarify the responsible person to ensure that customers get the correct and high-quality products.

  • Focus on making manufacturing load cells like semiconductor strain gauge.

  • Have specialized inspection personnel and equipment.

  • Each sensor has passed the fatigue test.

  • 20% of the annual profit is used to improve the process and equipment.

FAQs of Electronic Force Transducer

How does a force transducer work?

The load cell is weighed by the voltage fluctuation caused in the strain gauge when it undergoes deformation, which is what we often call the Wheatstone bridge.

What is force transducer in weighing machine?

Usually use compression load cells, such as our company’s TJH-3 column type load cells or TJH-4B pancake load cells.

What are the types of force transducer?

In principle, it is divided into resistance strain type, hydraulic type, and pneumatic type, etc.

In terms of appearance, it is divided into column type, pancake, S type,parallel beam,etc

In terms of purpose, it is divided into compression, tension, and both.

What is the use of force transducer?

The main purpose of load cell is to measure force, It is suitable for different industries by matching different equipment.

How accurate are force sensors?

The accuracy depends on the appearance and size of the sensor, usually, the accuracy of the resistance strain load cell is between 0.02%-0.5%FS.

Is force sensor used in robotics?

Yes, the Force sensor is an important part of the Internet of Things, and of course, it is also applicable to the robotics industry.

How do force sensors work?

The working principle of a force sensor is that it responds to the applied force, as well as converts the value to a measurable quantity. Most force sensors including pressure force sensor are created with the use of force-sensing resistance, such as our company.

FAQs of Electronic Force Transducer
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