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Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

Force Sensor Used In Agriculture

We have a variety of force measurement products, regarding crop production, you can always find a load cell that suits you.

For chicken weighing, grain weighing, livestock weighing, and so on, TJH series conventional products can be directly installed in a suitable position for weighing, you can also choose a weighing module to make the installation process easier. For suspended installation of silos, packaging scales, grain elevators and other TJL tension sensor series are your best choice

For complex agricultural machines testing/control, we can provide customized products with different appearances.

Targeted Solutions For Force Measurement In Agriculture

Silo Weighing of Load Cells

Silo Weighing of Load Cells

The load cell can be used to measure the weight of the silo. Usually, three or four points are selected as the fulcrum, and the force measurement sensor is installed under the support leg of the silo. If it is not easy to install the load cells directly, you can choose to use the weighing module. The signal of these load cells is collected and transmitted to the indicator through the junction box, and the weight of the silo can be read on the indicator. It can be equipped with a relay or analog/digital output.

Livestock/Chicken Scale of Load Cell Sensor

Livestock/Chicken Scale of Load Cell Sensor

Combine several sensors into a group, install a weighing table with a suitable area on the top according to the size of the weighing object, and pair it with a digital display instrument to weigh chickens and livestock. Under normal circumstances, a parallel beam load cell can be used to weigh chickens. This sensor is leveled at four corners and can be used alone. For large livestock such as pigs, sheep, and cattle, 3-4 shear beam load cells are selected for weighing.

Connecting Shaft of Load Cells

Connecting Shaft of Load Cells

One of our customers wants to measure the forces between the tractor and any linked attachments. We customized the TJH-9 pin load cell for him according to the size of his connecting shaft. The force between the tractor and attachments can be measured by replacing the connecting shaft of the tractor with a pin load cell. The sensor is easy to install in this solution and will not affect the normal operation of the tractor. If the sensor is damaged, it can be replaced directly.

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