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TG Load Cells: Make Weighing Easier

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TG Load Cells:
Make Weighing Easier
Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

Load Cell Sensor Used in Energy Industry

TianGuang's load cell for hydraulic press are mainly concentrated in two directions for the energy industry. One is the Ice detection load cell designed for the State Grid, and the other is to provide supporting Oil field load cells for major oilfields. Now the hydraulic press load cell has formed mass production, has accumulated a wealth of experience, and can perfectly meet customer requirements.

Experience, Mass Production, and Superior Customer Satisfaction

TianGuang's hydraulic press load cells have revolutionized the energy industry by providing accurate and reliable force measurements. With a specific focus on ice detection for the State Grid and supporting major oilfields, these load cells assist in ensuring uninterrupted power supply and optimizing oil production processes.

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Examples of Load Cells in Energy Solution

Ice Detection Load Cell

Ice Detection Load Cell

The Ice detection load cell is a kind of tension sensor, and its external dimensions refer to the connection piece of the high-voltage power transmission tower. The production opportunity of this hydraulic press load cell was in 2008 when a snow disaster occurred in some places, some high-voltage transmission cables were broken by the snow, which caused huge economic losses. Therefore, the State Grid decided to install a tension sensor on the transmission tower, and the Ice detection load cell was born from this.

Ice Detection Load Cells: Ensuring Power Grid Resilience

The State Grid plays a critical role in delivering reliable electricity to consumers. However, the accumulation of ice on transmission lines poses a threat to their performance and can lead to blackouts or equipment damage. To address this challenge, TianGuang has developed state-of-the-art ice detection load cells specifically designed for the State Grid. These load cells accurately measure the amount of ice forming on transmission lines in real-time. By providing timely and invaluable information about ice accumulation, the load cells enable operators to take prompt action, preventing power outages and ensuring the integrity of the power grid. With the ability to detect ice formation accurately, operators can proactively address potential risks and minimize disruptions, ultimately enhancing the reliability of the State Grid.

Oil Field Load Cells

Oil Field Load Cells

As one of the force transducer manufacturers, Tianguang Sensor has designed and developed Oil field load cells in response to the needs of oilfield customers. This kind of load cell for hydraulic press is installed on the pumping unit and has a U-shaped bayonet and two force supporting points, which is very convenient for installation. Divided into two types: wired type and wireless type. With the rise and fall of the pumping unit, the sensor feeds back the pressure received by the sensor in real time and draws a power map. Now our sensors have been installed on tens of thousands of pumping units, contributing to the advancement of digital oilfields.

Supporting Oilfields: Optimizing Production Processes

The oil industry relies heavily on the efficiency of its operations to ensure consistent and profitable production. To support major oilfields, TianGuang offers hydraulic press load cells designed to meet the demanding requirements of this sector. These load cells provide accurate and reliable force measurements throughout the drilling, extraction, and refining processes. By monitoring forces in real time, operators can optimize the performance of hydraulic presses and associated equipment, leading to increased efficiency and reduced downtime. Furthermore, load cells gather valuable data that allows operators to detect potential issues early, prevent equipment failures, and implement effective maintenance strategies. These load cells significantly contribute to cost savings, improved productivity, and enhanced safety in oilfield operations.

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