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TG Load Cells:
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Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

What Are the Hardware Circuit Requirements for a Torsion Load Cell?

Interface power supply of torsion load cell

In recent years, with the development trend of microelectronics and electronic information technology, traditional measurement circuits have been integrated with sensors and measurement circuits, and with the integration of measurement circuits and signal processing circuits. The interface circuit of the torsion load cell should generally meet the following requirements:

  • Increase the overall work efficiency of the force sensor and interface circuit.

  • Have certain signal processing capabilities.

  • Provide the necessary driving signal source for the sensor. If the output signal is divided by the output signal, the torsion load cell can be divided into electric parameter sensors and power sensors. The output voltage, current, and charge of electric sensors belong to piezoelectric sensors, photoelectric sensors, etc. Resistor, capacitor, inductor, mutual inductance and other sensors can only work with an external driving signal source, which belongs to electric parameter sensors.

  • Have a perfect anti-interference and anti-high-voltage impact protection mechanism, which includes protecting the input and isolating the front and rear circuits, and analog and digital filtering. The appearance of the sensor interface integrated circuit will simplify the design and manufacture of the instrument system, improve the measurement accuracy of the torsion load cell, and the overall performance of the instrument system.

Signal processing circuit of torsion load cell

The task of the signal processing circuit is to handle the electrical signals of the torsion load cell, such as input, filtering, transmission, etc., and calculate, recover signal characteristics, suppress noise and interference, etc. One of the main categories of the signal processing circuit is the signal comparison circuit, and the comparison circuit has more functions and more complex circuits. Operational amplifier is an indispensable basic circuit for any measuring instrument. It should be selected according to the requirements of the instrument function and technical indicators, and the same as the operational amplifier. At present, there are integrated operational amplifiers suitable for various applications and performance requirements, such as linear amplifiers, programmable amplifiers, differential amplifiers, and low-power amplifiers. Most amplifiers that are more suitable for certain occasions have some characteristics, such as color operational amplifiers or specially designed amplifier chips. Choosing the right operational amplifier requires relevant circuit knowledge and familiarity with the direct current and alternating current parameters of the operational amplifier.

Signal conversion circuit of torsion load cell

In the measurement circuit of the torsion load cell, it is often necessary to design a signal conversion circuit to realize signal conversion. For example, voltage measurement and processing are easy, and the measurement accuracy is relatively high. Therefore, it is often necessary to design a circuit that converts electrical signals into voltage signals in the current form or other forms. In the long-distance transmission of electrical signals, because the current is not easily interfered with, under strong interference conditions, it is usually necessary to convert the voltage signal into a current signal for transmission. When the common mode voltage is high, the isolation amplifier is very effective in suppressing interference. In the isolation amplifier, it is usually necessary to convert the voltage signal into a frequency signal before performing photoelectric or magnetic isolation, and then convert the frequency signal back into a voltage signal. Signal conversion technology is an important component in the precision measurement circuit of torsion load cells. Linear relation is a basic and important relation in signal conversion. In addition, it also satisfies the requirements of sensitivity, input, and output. The working range of the output signal basically meets the requirements of analog-to-digital conversion speed and IV conversion circuit.

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