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TG Load Cells:
Make Weighing Easier
Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

The Difference Between Dynamic Torque Sensor And Static Torque Sensor

Torque sensors are mainly divided into two categories, dynamic torque sensor, and static torque sensor. What is the difference between dynamic torque sensors and static torque sensors? This is what many factories need to understand when considering the assembly process, which is related to the final assembly effect of the product. Therefore, TGCG will give you a brief introduction.

The Torque Sensor Belongs to Typical Structure of Non-Contact Torque Sensor

It is a signal output in a non-contact manner. The electrical signal of the elastic shaft can be measured. This is a strain electrical measurement technology that is used in the elastic shaft. A strain bridge is formed on the upper part. While supplying power to the strain, the signal is amplified and then goes through the voltage-to-frequency conversion, and then it is converted to a frequency signal proportional to the strain. The real-time torque displayed by the tool or equipment during the assembly process is the torque achieved by the bolt overcoming dynamic friction. The torque value preset by general torque tools and tightening machines is also the dynamic torque value. The application of dynamic torque sensors is very common. It can be applied to the measurement of torque in motors, engines, internal combustion engines, tractors, automobiles, airplanes, various ships, and mining machinery. It can be used for torque measurement and power measurement of sewage treatment systems and can also be used in the industry, and also used to detect the output torque and power of various rotating power equipment.

The Static Torque Sensor is Based on The Principle of Resistance Strain 

To convert the strain generated by the torque into an electrical signal that has a linear relationship with it. The static torque measurement sensor cannot rotate beyond 360 degrees. If you need to measure the static working torque of the equipment, both static and dynamic torque can meet your measurement request. In order to save costs, we encourage you to choose a static torque sensor for measurement. The static torque sensor is generally used for testing in the occasions where the torque changes slowly, and the sampling speed is generally less than 50 times per second, such as testing the manual torque wrench, the static load torque of the transmission, etc. The application of static torque sensors is mainly in test systems such as experimental machines and static torque detection.

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