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Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

Load Cell Installation Precautions

1. Load cells should be taken lightly, especially for small capacity sensors with alloy aluminum material as elastomer, any vibration caused by shock or drop, are likely to cause a large output error. For example, some of the cantilever beam load cells are made of aluminum.

2. the design of the loading device and installation should ensure that the role of loading force load cell force axis coincides, so that the impact of tilt load and eccentric load is reduced to a fairly small, especially in the application of the plate and ring load cell, should pay attention to the direction of tension and its direction of force parallel.

3. in terms of horizontal adjustment. If the force load cell is used, the installation plane of its base should be adjusted using

Level meter adjustment until the level; if multiple sensors are measured at the same time, then the installation surface of their bases should be kept on a horizontal surface as far as possible, the purpose of doing so is mainly to ensure that each sensor is subjected to

The purpose of this is to ensure that each sensor is subjected to the same force. Bridge load cells to form a platform or weighing scales need to consider this point.

4. in accordance with its description of the load cell range selected to determine the load rating of the load cell used.

5. the cable should not be lengthened by itself, in the case of a real need to lengthen the joint should be tin solder, and add moisture sealant.

6. in the load cell around the rather good use of some baffle sensor cover up. The purpose of doing so can prevent debris from falling into the moving part of the sensor, affecting its measurement accuracy.

7. the sensor cable should be far away from strong power supply lines or places with pulse waves, can not avoid competing when the load cell cable should be worn separately into the iron pipe, and try to shorten the connection distance.

8. according to its description of the load cell range selected to determine the rated load of the load cell used, the load cell itself has a certain overload capacity, but in the installation and use process should try to avoid such situations. Sometimes a short period of overload, may also cause long-term damage to the sensor.

9. in high precision use occasions, should make the load cell and instrumentation in the preheat 30 minutes after use.

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