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TG Load Cells:
Make Weighing Easier
Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

How to Choose the Weighing Scale Sensor According to Different Environments

The weighing scale sensor can be said to be a key component in weighing instrument measurement, which is likened to the "heart" of a person. The performance of weighing scale sensors plays a vital role in the accuracy and stability of electronic weighing instruments. First of all, the actual working environment of the weighing scale sensor should be considered, including high temperature, humidity, high corrosion, the influence of electromagnetic fields on signal output, and flammable and explosive environments.

1. Weighing scale sensor in high temperature environment

The high temperature will cause the solder joints of the weighing scale sensor to be civilized, the glue to melt, and the internal stress of the elastomer to undergo structural changes. For personnel used in high temperature environments, high temperature weighing scale sensors should be used. There must be technical measures such as temperature compensation.

2. Weighing scale sensor in wet environment

Moisture will cause a short circuit to the weighing module, so a weighing scale sensor with a high airtightness should be selected in this environment. The sealing methods used by different weighing scale sensors are different, and there will be great differences. For those who use it in this environment, they need to be more discerning about the seal.

3. Weighing scale sensors in highly corrosive environments

Highly corrosive environments, including humidity and acidity, can damage or short-circuit the elastomer of the weighing scale sensor. For elastomers used under severe corrosion, the surface must first be sandblasted or treated with surface technology to play a role in corrosion resistance.

4. Weighing scale sensor in the environment of electromagnetic field output signal

The electromagnetic field has an interference effect on the output signal of the weighing scale sensor, so the shielding performance of the weighing scale sensor should be strictly checked to see if it has a good ability to resist electromagnetic radiation.

5. Weighing scale sensors in flammable and explosive environments

Inflammable and explosive can not only cause complete damage to the weighing scale sensor, but also may pose a threat to the personal safety of the staff if improperly operated. Therefore, explosion-proof weighing scale sensors must be selected for weighing modules used in this environment. The sealed cover of this kind of weighing scale sensor should not only consider its sealing, but also consider the degree of explosion-proof grade.

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