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TG Load Cells: Make Weighing Easier

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TG Load Cells:
Make Weighing Easier
Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

Application of Force Measuring Sensor and Quality Judgment Method

The weight of the object to be measured acts on the elastic element to deform it to generate a strain. The resistance strain gauge pasted on the elastic element converts the strain proportional to the weight of the object into a resistance change and then connects the bridge circuit to convert the resistance change into a load cell voltage output, the weighing and measurement task can be completed by measuring the voltage output value through the secondary instrument.

Load cell application for force measurement in automated force measurement systems? Automated testing is a process that transforms human-driven testing behavior into machine execution. Usually, after the test case is designed and passed the review, the tester executes the test step by step according to the procedure described in the test case and compares the actual result with the expected result. In this process, in order to save manpower, time, or hardware resources and improve test efficiency, the concept of automated testing is introduced. Users can log in to the server through any computer that can be connected to the Internet, and view the monitored information in time.

1. Application of load cell for force measurement

(1) Metro application

The installation position of the total station, the automatic total station is the core hardware equipment of the subway structural deformation automatic monitoring system, under the control of the system, it can automatically find the target prism of the reference point and deformation point, and obtain accurate angle and distance information. The total station should maintain the condition of visibility. At the same time, each total station should cover some areas of each other to achieve mutual measurement and calibration. And in the process of subway construction, countermeasures should be taken in time to control settlement and avoid construction accidents.

(2) Aquaculture application

Only those who do it will understand that the survival rate of farmed fish is the most important in aquaculture! If problems occur that cannot be found in time, it will cause a large number of aquatic products to die. A team has developed a system that can realize automatic water quality control. The system is mainly aimed at users of aquaculture, and its main function is to combine monitoring and control as a whole. Users only need to set data on the system, and the system can be automated. With the continuous improvement of the automatic force measurement system of the force sensor, different industries will gradually apply it, and the automatic force measurement system is different.

2. Quality identification method of high-quality load cell

There are great differences between different force measuring sensors, some are of high quality, some are of different quality, and the model accuracy is also different. When we choose, we must look at its parameters in detail. How can we understand the parameters? In fact, the regular load cell suppliers now provide the contract, and the relevant precision parameters will be indicated in the contract. In this way, you can understand the accuracy parameters of the load cell. It can also be understood through some other methods. Of course, the most important thing is that when purchasing, it must be measured in detail to ensure that its accuracy meets the requirements.

(1) See how its surface quality is. If the surface is bumpy and there are some scratches and cracks, it means that the quality of its watch chain is too poor, so don't choose it.

(2) Check whether the comprehensive parameters of the product can meet the requirements. See if he can meet the requirements in all aspects, and also check whether the accuracy of the load cell can meet the actual requirements. Only by integrating all aspects of the load cell products can you choose a more suitable load cell sensor type.

For many people, there is relatively little understanding of force measuring sensors, so we still need to have a comprehensive understanding of load cell products in order to be able to purchase more suitable product types.

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