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TG Load Cells:
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Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

What Role Do Force Measuring Sensors Play in Ensuring Automotive Safety?

Force measuring sensors are made of elastic materials, usually metal materials such as aluminum alloys, alloy steels, and stainless steel materials. Alloy materials possess excellent deformation consistency, deformation recovery, and weather resistance. The main requirement for elastic materials is to accurately convey force information, maintain deformation consistency, and full recovery of the same force.

Material composition of force measuring sensors

Strain gauges and resistance element materials for force measuring sensors

The construction of resistance strain gauges is complex, and there are thousands of products according to the strain requirements, which are produced by combination manufacturing, combining strain gauges, and a variety of combinations of strain gauges. Generally, the substrate uses polymer film materials, and the deformation material is high-purity steel and copper. The copper on the substrate has a different induction deformation resistance after optical treatment and etching. Therefore, the quality of resistance strain gauges is not only related to the purity of the substrate material and composite metal, but also related to composite processes, etching techniques and processes, etching chemical materials, post-processing technology, and materials, etc.

Material for adhesive tape for force measuring sensors

Resistance strain adhesive tape mainly uses a two-component polymer epoxy series adhesive. The performance of polymer chemical products is closely related to the purity, molecular chain structure and size, storage time, component ratios, molecular deformation, mixing methods, mixing and curing time, curing temperature, additives, and percentage of each physical and chemical indicator.

Material for sealing gel of force measuring sensor

The special silicone rubber sealant series are used in the early stage of welding technology and equipment that is insufficient for the force measuring sensor. Silicone rubber has long-term chemical stability and has many characteristics such as anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, aging resistance, and insulation, and it is the product of all sealants for a long time.

The role of force measuring sensors in car safety

Speaking of force measuring sensors, there are not many people who know about them. However, many people have seen car collision experiments on television, and judged the safety performance of the car by simulating the output signal of the sensing person through collision. It can be said that without the force measuring sensor, the simulation person can only act as a model in the window, and cannot really play a role. In automobile safety laboratories, car manufacturers usually conduct safety performance experiments, allowing the simulation person to sit in the car and intentionally collide. Afterwards, the acceleration, load, and deformation of various parts of the simulation person are detected, thereby determining the safety level of the car.

The simulation person is mostly made of metal and plastic, not only has the same appearance as a real person, but also has a complex spine, ribs, and synthetic muscles. Most importantly, the simulation person's body is covered with various multi-axis force measuring sensors, in order for technicians to analyze various technical data of the car at the moment of collision. Generally, multi-axis force measuring sensors are installed on different parts of the simulation person, such as the neck, hands, and legs, etc.

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