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TG Load Cells:
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Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

Introduction to the Application of Tensile and Pressure Load Cells in Cable Tension Testing

In real life, force is everywhere because of the interaction of objects. People often need to measure forces in practical applications, such as tension, thrust, pressure, etc. Since force is a vector with direction and magnitude, a device based on mechanical sensors is often required to convert physical signals into measurable electronic signals when measuring force. The application environment varies depending on the size and direction of the force. Currently, there are many types of mechanical sensors, such as weight sensors, tensile load cells, torque sensors, etc., which are widely used.

The role of tensile load cells in cable tension testing

Cable tension tests are usually performed by hanging a tensiometer between two trucks. Therefore, the magnitude of the tension cannot be controlled. Some tension readings are affected by human behavior, with large errors and potential hazards. To make the device suitable for cable tension meters, it must have the following two functions:

  • Test the tension sensor of the logging cable to ensure the accuracy of the tension data measured by the tension sensor.

  • Conduct periodic cable rupture tests to provide quantitative data on cable rupture forces to ensure the protection of cable logging operations.

Cable tension testing uses mature technologies such as hydraulic jacks, tension and pressure weighing sensors, digital display meters, computers, etc. It is an innovation and advanced technology in the petroleum logging industry. First of all, the logging cable tension tester can not only perform a logging cable rupture force test but also a tension sensor test. Secondly, the measurement value can be read via a digital display, collected by a computer, and analyzed and queried later. The device can satisfy both cable rupture force tests and tensile load cell tests, as well as similar tension tests. The device has been widely used in construction areas such as oil fields, and periodic on-site tests of tension sensors and cable rupture forces have been conducted to save transportation costs.

Classification of tensile load cells

There are tensile load cells with similar structures such as inner and outer spiral column tension sensors, hook scale sensors, etc., whose principles of use are the same: force produces deformation, and physical signals of force are converted into electronic signals. Because there are various forms of tension measurement, tension pressure sensors have different structural variations to measure the magnitude of tension pressure more directly. However, the disadvantage of these changes is that different tension sensors have different comprehensive accuracies. In choosing tensile load cells, accuracy and range are important indicators that need to be considered together.

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