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TG Load Cells: Make Weighing Easier

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TG Load Cells:
Make Weighing Easier
Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

Working Principle and Applications of the Torque Load Cell

The rotation torque load cell is a detection of torsional torque sensing of various rotating or non-rotating mechanical parts. It has advantages such as high accuracy, fast frequency response, good reliability, and long life. We mainly introduce the basic application principle and application scope of rotating torque load cells.

The rotating torque load cell is a strain bridge formed by connecting a special strain gauge with adhesive on the tested elastic shaft. By supplying power to the strain bridge, the electrical signal of the twisting of the elastic shaft can be measured. The strain signal is amplified and converted into a frequency signal proportional to the torsional strain after pressure/frequency conversion. The energy input and signal output of the system are supported by two dedicated annular transformers with air gaps, realizing contactless energy and signal transmission functions.

The principle structure of the rotating torque load cell

Stick a torsional strain gauge on an elastic shaft to form a transformer bridge, which is the basic torque weighing load cell. Fixed on the shaft:

  • The secondary coil of the energy annular transformer.

  • The primary coil of the signal annular transformer.

  • The printed circuit board on the shaft, including rectified and stabilized power supply, instrument amplification circuit, V/F conversion circuit and signal output circuit.

The application of the rotating torque load cell

The rotating torque sensor is a precision measuring instrument used to measure various torques, speeds and mechanical powers. Widely used in:

  • Testing the output torque and power of rotating power equipment such as electric motors, engines, and internal combustion engines.

  • Measuring the torque and power of fans, water pumps, gearboxes and torque wrenches.

  • Testing the torque and power of railway locomotives, automobiles, tractors, airplanes, ships and mining machinery.

  • Can be used for torque and power detection in sewage treatment systems.

  • Can be used to manufacture viscometers.

  • Can be used for process industries and process industries.

Anhui Tianguang Sensor Co., Ltd.'s static torque sensor is a sensor used to measure the torque value of discontinuous rotation. We provide four different installation methods of torque sensors for customers to choose from. Suitable for valves, torque wrenches and torque test equipment. In the use process, we usually use sensors to collect weights, and use converters to process and amplify signals and transmit them to lower-level equipment. Welcome to online consultation!

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