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Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

What Are the Types of Sensor Torques?

The torque variation of mechanical power equipment is important information about its operating condition. As an integral and important part of torque testing, sensor torques are also constantly evolving. So, how is it classified?

sensor torque is mainly used to measure various torque, rotational speed and mechanical efficiency, it converts the change of torque into electrical signal, and its accuracy is related to the accuracy of the test system. Its main features are that it can measure not only static torque, but also rotating torque and dynamic torque; it has high detection accuracy, good stability, and strong anti-interference; it can continuously measure forward and reverse torque without repeated zero adjustment, and there is no conduction. Wear parts such as rings can run at high speed for a long time; it outputs high-level frequency signals that can be directly sent to the computer for processing. Let's take a brief look at the commonly used sensor torques.

1. Non-contact sensor torque

Non-contact sensor torque is also a dynamic sensor torque, also known as sensor torque, torque speed sensor, rotational sensor torque, etc. Its input shaft and output shaft are connected by a torsion bar, the input shaft has splines, and the output shaft is a keyway. The relative displacement change of is the torsion of the torsion rod. This process makes the magnetic induction intensity on the spline change, which is converted into a voltage signal through the coil. Non-contact sensor torques are characterized by long life, high reliability, less wear and tear, less time delay, less influence by the shaft, and are widely used.

2. Strain gauge sensor torque

Strain gauge torque transducers use strain gauge technology. Its principle is to use the elastic shaft and paste the strain gauge to form a measuring bridge. When the elastic shaft is slightly deformed by the torque, the resistance value of the bridge will change, and then the electrical signal will change to realize the measurement of torque. The strain gauge sensor torque is characterized by high resolution, small error, large measurement range, low price, easy selection and mass use.

3. Phase difference torque speed sensor

The principle of the phase difference torsion sensor is to install two sets of gears with exactly the same number of teeth, shapes and installation angles at both ends of the elastic shaft according to the magnetoelectric phase difference torque measurement technology, and a proximity sensor is installed on the outside of the gears. When the elastic shaft rotates, the waveforms of the two sets of sensors are out of phase to calculate the torque.

Its main feature is that it realizes the non-contact transmission of torque signal, the detected signal is digital signal, and the speed is high. In addition, high-performance wireless torque measurement sensors are more commonly used, which are combined with wireless communication technology to realize wireless data transmission.

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