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TG Load Cells:
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Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.

What Problems Will Torque Sensors Encounter during Measurement?

Torque sensors, also known as force torque sensors, torque sensors, torque meters, and rotary torque sensors. The measurement of torque sensors presents four problems: one is the different structures of sensors; another is the uneven adapter; the third is the limitation of online measurement; and the fourth is poor universality of torque measuring instruments. For these problems encountered in the process of torque measurement and the practical needs of actual torque measurement, weighing sensor manufacturers can try to take measures from the following aspects.

Explanation of the joint processing scale of torque sensors

For the mechanical manufacturing industry, there are millions of standard parts with corresponding standards and requirements. For the connection of wireless torque sensors, existing standard parts should be used as much as possible. If it does not meet the requirements, the corresponding proportion can be set, and the material, geometry, strength, heat treatment requirements, etc., can be unified. It can also be limited to the current industry standards for ease of manufacturers' manufacturing and customer selection while minimizing the stacking of adapters to avoid uncertainty.

Specify the versatility of torque sensor measuring instruments

For example, in the field of force value, since the manufacturing principle of sensors is the same, a certain type of secondary instrument can well adapt to the requirements of various types of force sensors, forming a universal force measurement system, and the application of force value measurement in production and life is extremely extensive. Therefore, we should learn from the form of force measuring instruments and develop corresponding types of torque sensors measuring instruments in different application fields. There is a universal instrument that can match, reduce the complexity of customer selection, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of measurement and testing.

Research and develop online measurement standards for torque sensors

Establish relevant online measurement standards so that wireless torque sensor equipment can adjust parameters such as sampling frequency and sampling period; the equipment can have multiple ranges; there is a fixed way to connect with the tested equipment to reduce human factors; there is an online feedback compensation system to ensure that the serial connection of online measuring devices will not bring new or negligible effects; dynamic monitoring without interference is realized through wireless WiFi or Bluetooth implantation system for production testing.

Unified manufacturing standards for torque sensors

Revise the current industry standards or formulate specific industry standards for torque sensors to unify or restrict the structural forms of torque sensor inputs and outputs, standardize the manufacturing standards of torque sensors, and adapt to the needs of static torque measurement in various industries. Unified standards are the key to solving the problem of torque sensor measurement. With unified manufacturing standards, the problems of connecting parts and online measurements will be alleviated.

Tianguang, as an expert and well-experienced force sensor manufacturer, offers various types of Static Torque Measurement Sensor:

torque sensor strain gauge

miniature torque sensors

micro reaction torque sensor

wireless torque sensor

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